Essential Tools to get started


All of the essential tools to get started building effectively with the Relume Site Builder.

In this doc you’ll learn about:

  1. Relume Figma Kit
  2. Relume Figma Plugin
  3. Relume Webflow Library
  4. Relume Chrome Extension
  5. Relume Style Guide for Webflow
  6. Relume Site Builder Import Webflow App

Relume Figma Kit

The Relume Figma Kit is a Figma project with over 1,400 components in it, all built the same as our Webflow Library. Every month we update this file to include all the new components we’ve added! We recommended duplicating a fresh copy for each new project.

Duplicate the Relume Figma Kit



Relume Figma Plugin

The Relume Figma plugin allows you to import sitemaps and wireframes from Site Builder into Figma. You can import whole projects, pages, or even individual sections.

Install the Relume Figma plugin


Relume Webflow Library

The Relume Webflow Library is our foundation - where you can browse all of the components that exist. This library is being updated every month and we call this day “Component Day”.

Browse the component library

Relume Chrome Extension

The Relume Chrome Extension is a very important tool with some very key features.

  • Class Sync - allows you to paste in a component into an existing project and sync same-name classes with your styles.
  • Component preferences - set your preferences for style guide version or spacing strategy.
  • SVG Icon Converter - copy in SVG code and turn them into icon embeds in Webflow.
  • Update Spacing Strategy - you can convert an existing project to use spacers or wrappers.

Install Relume Chrome Extension

Relume Style Guide for Webflow

Our recommended starting point for all Webflow projects. This Style Guide includes all Client-First classes that are required for using Relume. We recommend duplicating a fresh version of this with every project to ensure you’re always building on the latest version.

Clone it here


Relume Site Builder Import Webflow App

Relume Site Builder Import Webflow App, is your connection between the Relume Site Builder and Webflow. It’s the quickest way to bring your sitemap and wireframes into Webflow. It automatically class syncs your classes and converts “global sections” into Webflow components.

Install the Relume Webflow App


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