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New components and updates added each month.

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Last updated June 4, 2024

The worlds largest collection of desktop and mobile layouts

Get access to over 1,000 unique layouts, inspired by the best marketing websites in the world.

Everything you need

From page templates, marketing sections, e-commerce sections, application ui and more.

Monthly updates

We religiously do big additions each month to ensure our library is up to date with Figma.

Using Figma’s

Best Practices

Our components are built using best practices in Figma, which will help you improve your Figma workflow instantly.


Design System

You can customize typography, colors, textures, and UI elements at a global level in seconds.

Responsive layouts

that just work

Need to design for desktop and mobile? No problem. Swap the breakpoint variant and watch all your content seamlessly shift into place.

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Our plans cost less than 1%* of your next project and can save you half the time to deliver it.
*We estimate that the average Webflow project is valued at $5k USD.


Figma Kit

Only interested in the Figma Kit? We’ve got you covered. Download our free Figma Kit for unlimited use on any number of projects.

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Vote on new
Relume components
Vote on what components you'd like to see added to our roadmap next month.
Now open!
Vote on new
Relume components
Vote on what components you'd like to see added to our roadmap next month.
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Relume Figma Kit
Includes 1,400+ components with mobile variants and color variables, updated monthly. It is the official starter for Site Builder.
v2.5 • Updated June, 2024
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Premium Figma Kit
1,000+ components with mobile variants ready to use in one click. This set is updated monthly with our latest components.
v2.3 • Updated March, 2024
This Figma Kit is not available whilst on a free trial. Check out our Free Figma Kit or upgrade now to access.
Relume Figma Plugin
Export sitemaps and wireframes from Site Builder to Figma with one click. Sync with styles and variables in your Figma files.
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Relume Ipsum (AI)
The fastest way to write website copy directly in your Figma file.
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Relume Icons
Open-source icon library for Webfow & Figma
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