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Relume Chrome Extension

Boost your productivity in Webflow

The Relume Chrome Extension streamlines your Webflow development workflow by enabling you to access components inside of Webflow, sync components with your style guide, and more.

Used by 20,000+ Webflow developers
Class Sync

Instantly sync components with your project

Class Sync enables you to automatically sync components with classes, preventing class duplication. Simply toggle on Class Sync and copy a component into your Webflow project.

Only available for accounts on a paid plan.
Relume Library Components

Access all components in Webflow

With the Relume Chrome Extension you can access all Components, UI Elements and Page Templates all from within Webflow.

Recently Used

Easily find components you've recently used.

Saved Components

Save components and quickly access them in Webflow.

Your Library

Access components you’ve stored in Your Library

Create your own components, save them to Your Library and access them from any project in Webflow. You can also give clients, your team and the community access by sharing folders from our web app.

More features to save you time

SVG Icon Converter

Copy SVGs from Figma and paste them directly into your Webflow project.


Enjoy workflow automations that save time and streamline your Webflow projects.

Relume Chrome Extension

Used by 10,000+ Webflow developers