Setting Up Your Webflow Style Guide

Set up your Webflow projects for success by starting with the Relume Style Guide clonable.

Company Description:
Movemint is a cutting-edge training facility based in Sydney, Australia, designed for high-performance athletes and those aspiring to reach peak physical condition. Offering advanced sports science assessments, personalized training programs, and recovery services such as cryotherapy and sports massage, Movemint caters to the specific needs of competitive individuals.

- Primary goal is to encourage new members to join
- Secondary goals include driving downloads of the app, providing the gym location and learning about the coaches.

Other relevant notes:
- Include a coaches page
- Include a blog- Include a page for each service offering (reference the company description)
- Keep the pages to 4-8 sections long
Company description:
Purely Organic Markets is a chain of eco-friendly grocery stores based in Portland, Oregon, offering a wide range of organic foods, natural personal care products, and sustainable household goods. We are committed to promoting healthy living and environmental sustainability.

- Primary goal is to increase foot traffic in our stores.
- Secondary goals include promoting our loyalty program and highlighting our community involvement initiatives.
Company description:
Codex Learning Center is an educational institution based in Boston, Massachusetts, that provides advanced coding bootcamps, tech workshops, and career placement services for individuals looking to enter the tech industry.

- Primary goal is to enroll new students in our coding bootcamps.
- Secondary goal is to promote free introductory workshops

Other Relevant Notes:
- Feature a section on instructor bios
Company description:
Wanderlust Travel Co. is a boutique travel agency based in Austin, Texas, specializing in bespoke travel itineraries, luxury accommodations, and unique travel experiences around the globe for the discerning traveler.

- Primary goal is to increase bookings for our custom travel packages.
- Secondary goal is to drive newsletter sign-ups
Company description:EcoDrive Innovations is a tech startup based in Seattle, Washington, focused on developing eco-friendly automotive technologies, including electric vehicle (EV) components and energy-efficient systems.

- Primary goal is to attract investors and partners.
- Secondary goals include promoting our research and development progress and highlighting patent achievements.

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