How to import to Webflow


Learn all of the ways to import components and wireframes into Webflow.

In this doc you’ll learn how to import Components, Pages and entire Projects to Webflow from:

  1. Relume Chrome Extension
  2. Relume Webflow App
  3. Relume Webflow Library

Relume Chrome Extension

To import your components quickly and easily without leaving the Webflow Designer, you can open up the Relume Chrome Extension and search for a component, copy it, and paste it right into your project.

Relume Webflow App

Let’s say you’re starting a brand new project by cloning the Relume Webflow Style guide and you want to quickly and easily import all of the pages, sections, and components from the Relume Site Builder into this project - we’ll use the Relume Webflow App to accomplish all of this.

  1. Launch the Relume Webflow App
  2. Select your project
  3. Import pages

Install and launch the Relume Webflow App

To install and launch the Relume Webflow App:

  • You’ll first want to install the Relume Site Builder Import app by hitting E on your keyboard and doing a search for Relume.
  • Click on Relume Site Builder Import
  • Click on the launch button

Select your project

Find the project that you’d like to import in the list of projects. If you do not see your project here make sure you are logged into the correct account.

Import pages

You can import the full sitemap (all pages), individual pages, or individual sections from the Relume Site Builder into your Webflow project.

Relume Webflow Library

Similar to importing components from the Relume Chrome Extension, you can also copy individual components directly from the Relume Webflow Library. One benefit to using this library is the filtering and search capabilities.

If you are not sure of exactly what component you’d like to use for a specific use case, you can filter/search based on keywords or requirements.

Maybe you already have a fully built out Webflow project using the Relume Webflow Style Guide - you can quickly add new components to an existing website and go from zero to hero super fast!

There are a lot of ways you can get your components into Webflow, but if you get stuck along the way be sure to join our Slack Community and let us know.

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