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Uncommon Components, Application Components, Team Billing, Shared Workspaces and More.

October 3, 2023

It’s a new month which means we’ve released some new components, features and updates to improve Relume Library. Happy October Component Day!

Here's what's new:

Uncommon Components

A preview of some of the new Uncommon components.

Uncommon components have become a community favourite on our voting board, earning the top spot on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of 12 new uncommon components that can add extra flair to your websites.

For those that are new to Relume, Uncommon components use sophisticated layouts and interactions designed to take your websites to the next level.

If you need help implementing them, feel free to ask for assistance on Slack.

Application Components


Forms are an essential component of any web application. They are used to streamline the process of collecting inputs, validating data, and submitting it to the server. Our form components have been designed with 5 key themes in mind: account settings, personal information, payment methods, notifications, and onboarding. However, they are not limited to these themes and can be used for other purposes as well.

Description Lists

Description Lists present structured information, typically in a key-value format. These components are designed to improve the organisation and readability of content, making it easier for users to understand and absorb information.

New UI Elements

To complement the new application components, we have developed a collection of new UI elements, including inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, toggles and select menus. These UI elements can be used as building blocks for rapidly creating forms.

Team Billing and Shared Workspaces

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Team Billing and Shared Team Workspaces to Relume. Relume Library has been a go-to tool for thousands of teams to create stunning websites at an unprecedented speed. However, due to the nature of our previous no-code stack, we lacked an efficient solution for team account management, billing, and shared projects. Recently, we transitioned away from our no-code stack and created our own account management system. This system allows for exciting new features such team billing and shared team workspaces.

Team billing and shared team workspaces are only available on the Pro Plan.

Team Billing

Team billing enables you to consolidate your billing in the one place by inviting members to join your team. Team billing is only available to Lumers on the Pro Plan and can be accessed from the Account Settings page.

Shared Team Workspaces

Once a member has been added to your team, they will be able to access projects in your Team Workspace. Team Workspaces can be accessed from the Projects page.

Can multiple team members work in the same file?

Yes, team members in a shared team workspace can access the same file at once and even work together in that file.

Can you join multiple workspaces at a time?

No, you can only join one workspace at a time. By accepting an invite to one workspace, you will be removed from an existing workspace.

Figma Pro Update (v1.3)

We have added 36 new components to our Pro Figma Kit, which is available in both desktop and mobile variants. We’ve also made some updates to the Style Guide page that provides better discoverability of icons. To receive the latest update, visit the Figma Kits in your account.

Note: If you have purchased the Pro Figma kit outside of our Relume library plans you will receive the latest update through Figma or via email depending on where you purchased it.

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