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Inspiration Feed, Tooltips, Loaders & More

May 1, 2023

It’s a new month which means we’ve released some new components and updates to improve Relume Library. Happy May Component Day!

Here’s what’s new:

Inspiration Feed

We understand that looking at a list of unstyled components can be uninspiring. That's why we created the Inspiration Feed, a curated collection of the finest web components on the internet. Our aim is to inspire you and spark new ways of using our components. We have also gone one step further by providing all the "ingredients" necessary to build these components.


Tooltips dynamically reposition themselves based on their location in the viewport.

We’ve created a set of Tooltips for every use case that are 100% native to Webflow. They have been built in Client-First and can dynamically reposition themselves based on their location in the viewport.

There are two styles available:

  • Plain Tooltips - Contain a brief message that provides additional information or clarifies the purpose of the UI element. Traditional tooltips usually disappear when the user moves the mouse pointer away from the element.
  • Rich Tooltips - Contain more detailed information than a plain tooltip and often includes buttons or links that allow the user to perform actions related to the UI element.

Page Loaders

Make a good first impression with our selection of page loaders. Each page loader takes a different approach and can be adapted to any brand.

Loading Animations

All 10 loading Lottie animations.

We’ve designed a set of Lottie animations for both light and dark backgrounds to be used with the Loader 1 component.

Update to community sharing

We’ve made sharing more open by giving free users access to folders that have been shared to the community. This means you can share folders in Your Library to anyone with a Relume Library account.

The share modal located in Your Library's folders. Simply toggle on "Share to community" and anyone with an account can access your folder of components.

Figma Kit Update (v1.14)

We’ve added all new components and UI elements to the Figma Kit. To receive the latest update, make sure you copy version 1.14.

Andy, Sam & Sanskar
Andy & Sam
Damian & Sam
Damian & Sanskar
Damian & George
Rob & Nour
Kaleb, Maria & Jonathan
Kaleb, Jonathan & Damian
Kaleb & Matt
Kaleb, Matt & Jonathan