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Commenting & Ask AI Text Editing in Site Builder, Event & Stats Components and Class Sync updates.

December 4, 2023

It’s a new month which means we’ve released some new components, features and updates to improve Relume Library. Happy December Component Day!

Here's what's new:

Commenting in Site Builder


We understand the importance of sharing Wireframes and Sitemaps with clients and gathering their feedback in a centralised location. That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch of the first version of Commenting. This feature enables you to receive contextual comments directly on the canvas. Simply copy a link, share it with your clients, and await the influx of "Make it pop" comments!

Share Settings

We have also updated our sharing settings to give you control over whether clients with the link can comment, view only, or have no access at all.

Ask AI Text Editing in Site Builder


Following last months launch of text editing, we’re excited to bring you even more power to help you nail that perfect copy with the help of AI. The Ask AI button will appear when any text element is selected and allow you to choose from our selected list of improvements or type your own custom prompt. No more switching tabs back and forth between Chat GPT and other copywriting tools.

Event Components

We've introduced 50+ new Event components to simplify the creation of awesome event pages. This versatile collection of components enables you to effortlessly display upcoming events, promote ticket sales, and maximise event attendance. Some components even include countdown timers.

If you need help implementing them, feel free to ask for assistance on Slack.

Event Sections

We're thrilled to unveil our latest collection of Event Sections. This powerful set of components allows you to effortlessly showcase upcoming events.

Event Headers

In addition to Event Sections, we're introducing Event Headers. These attention-grabbing headers display key event details of a featured event besides or above an event list. This offers a compelling quick overview that entices users to explore further. With Event Headers, you can make a strong first impression and enhance the overall engagement of your audience.

Event Item Headers

Completing our trio of event components are the Event Item Headers. These headers offer captivating snapshots at the top of your event page, providing a concise and visually appealing method to showcase key details. Ideal for grabbing attention and seamlessly guiding users down the page to discover more about each individual event.

Stats Components

Introducing 50+ brand new Stats Sections – your shortcut to showcasing those significant numbers in style. No more tweaking existing Feature Components; these fresh additions make it easier than ever to display your important stats. Dive in and give your numbers the attention they deserve.

Class Sync Update (Variables Sync)

We’ve updated Class Sync, a core feature the Relume Chrome Extension, to support Variables. Variables are matched on name, and will inherit the value of the variable if it already exists in the project you are pasting into. Make sure you have the latest version of the Chrome Extension - Version 35.

Figma Pro Update (v1.5)

We have added all 114 new components to our Pro Figma Kit, which is available in both desktop and mobile variants. We’ve also added a brand new ‘Logos’ UI element which allows you to easily swap out all the Relume and Webflow Logos throughout the components. To receive the latest update, visit the Figma Kits in your account.

Note: If you have purchased the Pro Figma kit outside of our Relume library plans you will receive the latest update through Figma or via email depending on where you purchased it.

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